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Every Project begins with a Conversation

We provides expert advice and guidance on how to transform a living space into a beautiful and functional environment. With an emphasis on creativity and practicality, an interior design consultation can help homeowners make informed decisions about color schemes, furniture layout, lighting, and other design elements that will enhance their living experience. The consultation can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner, and can be a valuable first step in any home renovation project.

How we work

Step by Step guide for Interior Design Consultation

Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with our interior design consultant. During this consultation, we will discuss your goals, vision, and budget for your home renovation project.

Design Proposal

After the initial consultation, our interior design consultant will create a design proposal based on your needs and preferences. The proposal will include a mood board, color scheme, furniture and decor suggestions, and an estimated timeline and budget for the project


Once the design proposal is approved, our interior design team will work with you to implement the design plan. We will help you source furniture, decor, and materials, and oversee the project’s execution to ensure that everything is carried out according to the plan.

Final Walkthrough

Finally, our team will conduct a final walkthrough to ensure that the design has been implemented to your satisfaction. We will address any concerns or issues and make any necessary adjustments before concluding the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions with clarifications for understanding our Services. 

An Interior Design Consultation service is a professional service that provides expert advice on designing and decorating your home or commercial space. It involves working
with a trained and experienced interior designer to help you achieve your design goals.

During an Interior Design Consultation, you can expect to discuss your design preferences, budget, and timeline with the designer. They will assess your space and provide recommendations on color schemes, furniture placement, lighting, and decor. You will receive a detailed plan with suggestions on how to transform your space into a beautiful and functional living area.

The cost of an Interior Design Consultation service can vary depending on the designer and the scope of the project. Some designers charge by the hour, while others offer a flat fee for their services. It is important to discuss pricing with the designer before hiring them to ensure that their services fit within your budget.

Yes, an Interior Design Consultation service can provide recommendations on furniture and decor that will complement your design style and budget. They can also assist with selecting materials and finishes that will enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

Yes, an Interior Design Consultation service can work with your existing furniture and decor to create a cohesive design scheme. The designer will assess your space and provide recommendations on how to incorporate your existing pieces into the new design.

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