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We specialize in repairing, restoring, and refinishing furniture.

We have the skills and expertise to restore old or damaged furniture to its original condition or transform it into a beautiful piece that suits your style and taste.

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Every Project begins with a Conversation

Typically works with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and upholstery to restore and enhance furniture pieces. Our staff have a keen eye for detail, and use various techniques such as sanding, staining, painting, and reupholstering to achieve the desired look. Hiring Way More experts can be an excellent option for restoring antique or sentimental pieces, as we have the knowledge and experience to handle delicate and valuable items with care. We can also provide guidance and advice on how to properly care for your restored furniture to ensure its longevity.

How we work

Step by Step guide for Furniture Restoration

Consultation and Assessment

The first step in the furniture restoration process is a consultation and assessment. We will examine the piece and assess its condition to determine the best course of action. Our experts will discuss the restoration options with the client, including the materials, finishes, and techniques used to restore the piece.

Restoration and Repair

Once a plan has been agreed upon, we will begin the restoration process. This may include stripping the old finish, repairing any damage, and sanding the surface to prepare it for the new finish. Depending on the extent of the damage, the restoration process may take several days or weeks to complete.

Finishing and Refinishing

After the restoration and repair process is complete, we will begin the finishing and
refinishing process. This may involve staining, painting, or applying a protective coat of varnish or wax to the surface of the furniture. We will carefully apply the finish in thin, even coats to achieve the desired result, and allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

Final Inspection and Delivery

Once the finishing and refinishing process is complete, we will perform a final inspection to ensure that the piece meets their high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Later we will deliver the piece to the client’s home or business, and provide guidance on how to properly care for and maintain the restored furniture.

There are several types of furniture restoration, depending on the condition of the furniture and the desired outcome. Some of the most common types of furniture restoration include:

Structural Restoration: This type of restoration involves repairing the structural integrity of a piece of furniture. This may include repairing broken or weakened joints, replacing missing or damaged parts, and reinforcing weak areas to ensure the furniture is sturdy and functional.

Surface Restoration: Surface restoration involves repairing and restoring the exterior of a piece of furniture. This may include stripping old finishes, repairing scratches and dents, and refinishing the surface to restore its original beauty and shine.

Upholstery Restoration: Upholstery restoration involves repairing or replacing the fabric, padding, and springs of a piece of furniture. This may include reupholstering a chair or sofa, repairing or replacing springs or padding, and restoring the overall comfort and appearance of the piece

Conservation Restoration: Conservation restoration is a specialized type of furniture restoration that focuses on preserving the historical and cultural significance of a piece of furniture. This may involve using specialized techniques and materials to protect the furniture from further damage, while preserving its original character and beauty.

Refinishing: Refinishing involves stripping off the old finish and applying a new one. This can be done to restore the original appearance of the furniture, or to give it a completely new look.

Repurposing: Repurposing involves taking an old piece of furniture and transforming it into something new and functional. This may include converting an old dresser into a bathroom vanity, or turning an old door into a coffee table

Overall, furniture restoration offers a range of options for breathing new life into old or damaged pieces of furniture and can help to preserve their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions with clarifications for understanding our Services. 

We specialize in restoring a wide range of furniture, including antique and vintage pieces, modern furniture, wooden furniture, and upholstered furniture. We can evaluate the condition of your furniture and provide recommendations for the best approach to restoring it.

The time it takes to restore your furniture will depend on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the restoration work. We will provide a timeline for the restoration project and keep you informed of progress throughout the process.

The cost of restoring your furniture will depend on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the materials needed, and the complexity of the restoration work. We provide detailed cost estimates for all restoration projects and work with you to establish a budget for the project.

Will my furniture look like new after restoration?

While we cannot guarantee that your furniture will look exactly like new, we use high-quality materials and techniques to restore your furniture to its original beauty as much as possible. We strive to provide excellent results that will exceed your expectations.

Yes, we offer pick-up and delivery services for your convenience. We will coordinate a time and place for pick-up and delivery that works for you and ensure that your furniture is safely transported to and from our restoration facility

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